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Yoga for All

with Alison Jennings

"Today is a new day… I reach out and change the world.
My words are wise and kind.
My thoughts are clear and focused.
And my spirit seeks those of a like mind.
As I walk in my day, may I hold the blessing of the Gods and the Ancients and become a light in the world"
Author Unknown

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Whether experienced or a complete newbie to yoga there is a shift in perspective which happens post practice for everyone. Often tiny, occasionally huge, but always there in the background amongst the downward dogs, warriors and savasanas.

About Alison

With 16 years of teaching practice Alison will encourage you to embrace the awareness and recognise the shifts, however large or small. Her style is eclectic and her teaching ethos is inclusive. She pays attention to the sustainability of yoga practice, teaching with humour, warmth and compassion
Yoga has been part of Alison’s life for over 30 years. She began her yoga journey in a little school hall in South Wales with Pauline Mead in 1989 and it was the spiritual aspect that drew her in. She was intrigued by the sense of calm and stillness that yoga and meditation could offer…….

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